How to Ship Your Eggs


Shipping Eggs can decrease you hatch rate due to many factors.  Weather, rough handling, so packaging them correctly is very important.  DON"T FORGET TO LET THEM SETTLE FOR 24 HRS & your incubator is holding temp.

  1. First, wrap each egg in a thick paper towel or bubble wrap.  I prefer bubble wrap.
  2. Place eggs inside an old egg carton.  Adding xtra paper towels to any spaces in the closed carton.
  3. Add foam penuts to your shipping box.  Enough to cover the bottom and add protection
  4. Place your carton inside your shipping box and cover it in the foam penuts.  It's best if you put as much in as possible for protection of your eggs.
  5. Labled your box-LIVE EMBRYOS FARGILE-with an up arrow.
  6. Also include the phone number of the buyer with instructions for them to be picked up.
  7. I always make sure the weather is holding 40 degrees or more so eggs won't get too cold.
  8. Make sure you are shipping at the right time of the week and pay attention to holidays that would delay the shipment.  I usually do my shipping Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

Here are some photos of my Silkie eggs I ordered and they were packed perfectly. 

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