This page is for you to see the birds here at Chaz's.  Some are from the very begining.  I will keep them in order as best I can. 


Here is a couple pictures of the very first Bantam Chicks at the Coop.  Silver Sebright, Red Frizzle, Mille Fleur d'Uccle, and Golden Sebright.   ADORABLE!

 If you have pictures of your birds you would like to share with others I will be willing to add a page for my group members.  Just e-mail me your name, info for pic, and the pic.

 This is a 3 month old Red Frizzle cockeral.

 I love this picture!  This is a 3 month old Golden Sebright Pullet checking out the camera.


 This is one of my Mille Fleur d'Uccle cockerals..  Notice the coloring @ the age of 3 months.  They are just now starting to develope their spots.  Truely a unique Bantam.

 3 week old hatchlings.  2 white Silkies, 1 clean legged Red Frizzle, and 1 Silver Spangled Hamburg.  The hamburg is from Jim Legndre's it was the only one that hatched so eventually it will be on my sale page.  :(

 4 Week old nonbearded silkies.

7 Week old Partridge cockeral.

This is my Favorite Roo, Wizard.  He has alot of fluff to fill out before I decided if I will use him for breeding.  Either way he will always be around because of his great personality! 

10 week old nonbearded pullet.

 This is actually a Sizzle pullet.  She is a really pretty Blue.  I think she has alittle Polish in her as well.  This is my favorite girl!  Her personality is the best you could ask for.  I actually hatched her out, in my hand!

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